Food Maps

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  • New York Doughnut Map:Includes a brief history of doughnuts, and features 35 favorite New York doughnut shops. Grab one before you head out on a Doughnut Mission.


  • New York Ramen Map: Features 33 of New York’s most interesting and delicious noodle shops, plus a special glossary and regional map of ramen in Japan. Grab one, go out and get slurping!


  • New York Oyster Map: Written, researched and photographed by Julie Qiu of, it features 30 of New York’s freshest raw bars, plus a history of the beloved oyster in NYC, a list of tasting descriptors for aficionados, and more. Seafarers, take to your boats and get slurping!


  • New York by-the-slice Pizza Map: The map features 40 of city's important by-the-slice Pizza shops and linked to the New York Pizza Project. Grab a copy to go with your Pizza map. And enjoy them together, like a slice and a soda !


  • Manhattan Chinatown Map: Chinatown is like a labyrinth, hundreds of restaurants and shops are next to each other in very compacted area.You definitely need a map to explore.

  • Hooray for counter culture! Our fourth publication—the New York Diner Map—is here !!  It features 38 of New York’s beloved diners, plus a special illustrated history and glossary of short order lingo.
    Grab one and go on a sunny side up adventure!