Audrey's Beats Coaster

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  • You may as well just screen Breakfast at Tiffany’s while sipping on a drink or two, on top of these lovely Audrey’s Beats coasters! The artwork in this set of 4 Audrey’s Beats coasters pays homage to the only actress to have ever won a Golden Globe, Oscar and Emmy in addition to a Grammy for her spoken word album (Enchanted Tales), which means she may very well be the mother of Hip Hop/Rap in an offbeat way.
  • Vintage Art Re-Purposed: The top side of each coaster is covered in an original page from handpicked, damaged dictionaries, world atlases and sheet music books that are up to 130 years old. Coasters have smooth rounded corners and an extra UV coating for enhanced durability and to ensure the print never fades.
  • One of a Kind: Since every page used in the making of these coasters are handpicked, they’re also curated and put together in a way that the images and words on the paper complement and connect with each other.
  • Perfect For: A creative gift for any occasion, a themed coffee shop or a set to complement your own home décor. The best part? They’re not only charmingly crafted but are also eco-friendly!
  • Durable & Useful: Set of 4 wood coasters protect your furniture from scratches and condensation “rings”. Suitable for glasses, mugs, cups and bottles. Each coaster measures 4” X 4” with 0.25” thickness