BUILDING THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE 1869 1883: An Illustrated History, with Images in 3

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  • The first lavishly illustrated book of this quality and size devoted to the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, section by section. The superb images and reader-friendly narrative tell the dramatic story of how a few skilled engineers and thousands of workers toiled over 14 years to construct the largest suspension bridge ever built at that time
  • The book illuminates long-forgotten details and presents the bridge as the engineering marvel that it is — one that still elicits awe and admiration
  • The technical details, clearly explained, and large-sized illustrations will appeal equally to professional architects and engineers, as well as students and the broader public
  • Archival images, many never before published, document this iconic bridge and the history of imagery in the late 19th century, including color lithographs as well as 44 images in 3D, specially created for this book. These latter illustrations, when viewed through 3D glasses, allow the reader to imagine what it was like over 150 years ago when work on the bridge began and the general public - in Brooklyn, New York, and far beyond - followed the bridge’s progress with delight as they enjoyed these very same images through stereoscopic viewers
  • A pair of 3D glasses is included with every copy of the book
About the Author
  • Jeffrey I. Richman has been fascinated by New York City’s history for as long as he can remember. In 2007, after 33 years practicing law, representing indigent criminal defendants, he became the full-time historian at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery. Since then, he has led Green-Wood’s Civil War, World War I, and World War II projects which, with the help of hundreds of volunteers, have identified, written, and posted online biographies for thousands of veterans interred there. He blogs about Green-Wood and his latest discoveries and is the author of three books, including Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery: New York’s Buried Treasure (1998). He has also co-designed two Green-Wood maps and curated several gallery exhibitions, including three on the Civil War and one on Coney Island. Driven by his passion for history and a long-standing fascination with 19th century New York, Richman is an avid collector who has amassed a notable collection of stereoview and lantern slide photographs of New York City, including many of the Brooklyn Bridge under construction which he has donated to The Green-Wood Historic Fund. One of his fondest memories is of attending the 100th anniversary of the bridge’s opening in 1983 - just one milestone in his love affair with the Brooklyn Bridge.