Drafting Ballpoint Pen

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A compact aluminum ballpoint pen inspired by a technical drawing pen by Penco.

Minimal sophistication meets reliable quality, the "drafting" pen is made in Japan to benefit a wide audience, not to mention engineers and architects. Donning a hexagonal aluminum body with engraved crosshatch on its lower barrel, the pen provides a light yet firm grip, and does not roll around the surface when not in use.

The handy pen pen fits in your pocket, and produces a consistent fine line of permanent black ink. The needlepoint tip of 0.5mm is perfect for any precise drawing, or used along a ruler's edge. Comes encased in a kraft paper box, making gift-giving an ease.

Dimension: ((Ø)0.4" x (H)4.2"
Tip: 0.5mm
Refill: Fits Japanese 4C type refill (2.3mm × (H)67mm)