New York Now: Home (Photo Folio)

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New York Now: Home Photo Folio
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Our latest exhibition, New York Now: Home—A Photography Triennial, explores at what "home" means to 33 contemporary artists. From the literal places we dwell to the homes we choose to make, the installation invites viewers to see the city they thought they knew through fresh perspectives.

Now you can own a piece of this exhibition, with this limited edition publication that will form a series with future iterations of the Triennial. The catalog for New York Now: Home includes a set of four 24-page booklets in a complementary slipcase. Each brightly-colored booklet encompasses a section of the exhibition, featuring works from the show's 33 photographers and accompanying text from co-curators Sean Corcoran and Thea Quiray Tagle. 

The Museum of the City of New York is pleased to announce the first in an ongoing photography exhibition series. Inspired by the Museum’s landmark presentation of the same name in 2000, this series will occur every three years and engage different themes and issues of the contemporary city.

The first installment examines the idea of “Home.” At its most practical, “Home” refers to the literal places we dwell. Yet it can also stand for family, or the communities of which we choose to be a part. This vital and complex concept arises in often surprising ways in our urban context, from highly personal experiences to debates over public policy. This exhibition aims to look at how artists have responded to and interpreted these issues.

In recent years, the city has struggled to reckon not only with the ongoing dynamics of economic and racial inequality but also with massive challenges unleashed by the COVID-19 crisis. This exhibition includes photography and video work made over the past several years that creatively documents and interprets this changing cityscape and the disparate responses and experiences of New Yorkers, straddling the stories of the city before, during, and after the pandemic.

The selected work encompasses a variety of perspectives—as diverse as the city itself—and consider a range of picture making approaches. From the personal and intimate to the monumental and collective, the photographs in this exhibition invites viewers to see the city they thought they knew through fresh perspectives

Artworks by Ariana Faye Allensworth, Xyza Cruz Bacani, Roy Baizan, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn, Sara Bennett, Amarise Carreras, Cinthya Santos-Briones, Alan Chin, Sally Davies, Maureen Drennan, Nona Faustine, Naima Green, Diana Guerra, Gail Albert Halaban, Chantal Heijnen & Lou van Melik, Ramona Jingru Wang, Anders Jones, Jamel Shabazz, Neil Kramer, Dean Majd, Alan Michelson, Paul Moakley, Cheryl Mukherji, Ian Reid, Richard Renaldi, Irina Rozovsky, Geralyn Shukwit, Laila Annmarie Stevens, Joana Toro, Linda Troeller, Nolan Trowe, Elias Williams, and The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project.

Sean Corcoran
Thea Quiray Tagle, PhD

Advisory Committee:  
Michael Famighetti
Nicole Fleetwood
Kris Graves
Kristen Lubben
Brian Wallis

co-published by KGP & The Museum of the City of New York
Design by Caleb Cain Marcus | Luminosity Lab

6.75 x 9.5” vertical, hardcover
4 staple-bound books, 20 pages each plus slipcase
*book photographs by The Book Photographer @the_bookphotographer on Instagram