Urban Indian: Native New York Now

Today, more than seventy percent of the Native American population in the United States lives in urban areas. There is a flourishing Native presence in New York City, as Indigenous American people are shaping the city's cultural and political institutions, and collectively reclaiming heritage and urban space. Highlighting a mix of contemporary artworks, performing arts, and community memorabilia, Urban Indian: Native New York Now examines the shared meaning of being a Native person living in New York today, as individuals reflect on tribal affiliations, community well-being, personal growth, and intersectional experiences.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the American Indian Community House (AICH), a non-profit community organization that improves and promotes the well-being of Native Americans residing in New York, Urban Indian and related programming are presented in collaboration with AICH and AMERINDA, a New York City-based Native American multi-arts organization.


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