Food: Eating Tomorrow (Bigger Than The Plate)

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From fermentation to factory farming to freeganism, here’s how artists and designers are causing a stir in our nutritional world From urban farming to public feasting and sensuous tableware, and from edible insects to lab-grown meat, the future of food is a hot topic of debate. The need for food systems that are more sustainable, healthy, and fair is recognized as a major global challenge. Food: Eating Tomorrow explores the ways in which we can harness our taste buds and edible desires in the fight to meet this challenge. It critiques our broken industrial food system and proposes ways of reassembling the pieces into something more just, biodiverse, and still delicious. Engaging with artists, designers, architects, activists, and food professionals who are examining key activities and relationships throughout the food system, this new book discusses diverse and creative ways to reimagine food waste, supply chains, and social empowerment through the politics and the pleasures of food.

Food: Eating Tomorrow accompanies a major exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Contributor Bio Catherine Flood is a curator in the Word and Image Department at the V&A. May RosenthalSloan is the exhibition research assistant for the Food: Eating Tomorrow exhibition at the V&A.