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Please welcome the newest member of the map family, Queens New York. This one is a bit different from the rest as I've included the names of the bordering hoods from other counties, not the county name, so their is even more info for the surrounding boroughs. I payed a lot of attention to detail and did thorough homework on including as many hoods and parks as I could. I also had the help of a friend who is born and bred here, down to the QUEENS tattoo on his neck. So rest assured every important neighborhood has been included; from Hunters Point all the way to Bellerose, Malba all the way down to Old Howard Beach and the A train out to the Rockaways; and those that Wikipedia think are still valid have not, sorry Fresh Pond. Modern cartography at its finest.

11 x 17 Digital Print with Queens type large on bottom
Inner 1 inch border of white to give it a matted look when framed